Death is not a farewell, forgetting is

When watching the trailer, I thought that this movie co-produced by Disney and Pixar is a simple music-seeking theme like “Rock and Mastiff” and “Happy Voice”.

After I saw it, I realized that pursuing my dreams is nothing more than a traction line. This is more about a family that explores the eternal theme of death.

This is an animated cartoon about the Mexican Day of the Dead.

The Day of the Dead is a traditional festival that Mexicans pay special attention to. They think that people who have passed away have not really died. They will continue to live in another world. On the day of the Day of the Dead, these dead people will come to the real world and Loved ones together.

Therefore, in the whole day, the whole country will celebrate grandly. People cut out the plaques on the paper-cutting, make snacks, bring masks, sing and dance, and play everywhere. There is no sense of sadness.

The story in the movie happened on the day of the Day of the Dead.

There were a lot of strange things happening on this day. The little boy entered a colorful, crowded, lively and extraordinary world full of sultry people.

He has always had a dream of musicians, and he has embarked on his dream journey in this world, looking for music idols that have already died, and all kinds of ridiculous and interesting things have followed.

But the story is not new. Fox has taken the animated book “The Book of Life” with the Mexican Day of the Dead as the background material. The protagonist also carries the guitar;

The stalks like “Zombie Bride” and “Christmas Night Cry” have long been commonplace;

We also see a lot of heroes who see music as more important than anything else;

As well as the family members who are obstructed by the protagonist’s musical dreams, the same family in the same world is not uncommon;

In addition, there is a world like the “Crazy Animal City”, a ghost party party like “The Elf Hostel”, and the marigold bridge leading to the real world also makes people think of the same golden stars in “Luna”. ;

There are also defeated big bosses to complete the ultimate mission, etc., you see, are some common used routines.

But these are the old routines, Pixar has a way to make you intoxicated, and moved to tears.

From 2011 to the present, the creative team spent six years running to Mexico to collect the wind, live in the locals’ homes, experience their lives, understand their customs, and almost fully prepare everything, including music and color. , plots, scenes and character shaping, spent a lot of time and effort to fill these pictures with real details:

Colorful paper-cuts, golden marigolds, dingy hairless dogs, traditional food like long scorpions, family-style shoes, entertainment plazas, local instruments, etc. are all in front of us.

The vertical towering buildings in the land of death refer to and draw on a large number of Mexican historical materials. From the bottom to the top, the evolution process from ancient to modern, these various kinds of Pixar’s intentions, this is why its cartoons One of the reasons that can bring us unlimited surprises.

Family and music are two important elements of the film.

So in music, Pixar is also full of thoughts, there are a lot of very good original music. The song is full of Latin style, the melody is very infectious, invites more than 50 musicians to play, and uses a lot of Mexican native instruments to fully present the taste of this piece of music.

The various chord fingerings and performance details of the little boy playing the guitar are also accurately and perfectly presented. It can be seen that they have worked hard and emotionally for this.

The most attractive and touching of me was that Zeng Zeng’s grandmother sang on the stage, avoiding the villains to prevent the other party from taking photos, and finally the climax of the film, the little boy and the great-grandmother singing Remember Me together. like. I won’t do too much spoiler here.

But I still can’t help but call the animator crazy. The great-grandmother’s wrinkles and kindness are really realistic and cute. It is the place where the movie is most impressed by the careful polishing of these usual details.

The English title of “Looking for Dreams” is “CoCo”. Coco is the name of great-grandmother. This nomenclature seems to remind us who is the real protagonist of this animation, just like “Summer of Jujiro”, the real male one The number is not a little boy, but a strange uncle of Kitano Takeshi.

Embracing the screen life in the information age, people and media are mutually extended

On the watercress, tens of thousands of people rated 8.8 points, rotten tomatoes maintained 93% freshness, the world’s highest box office results and discussion fever, without exception: it is not only the best “pseudo-record desktop movie” at present. It is also likely to be one of the best movies of the year.

The “Searching” behavior is clearly continually grouping up the entire film. The film starts with everyone who is familiar with the power-on and dial-up connection. Although we don’t know who controlled the series of operations, we were quickly attracted to this agile “Searching Montage” passage, and in a few minutes witnessed the full range of David King’s family composition and life.

All the complex emotions and events of the past are effectively listed, packaged, and thrown out.

Then the daughter disappeared.

After realizing that her daughter was really missing, David King quickly searched for police information at the time of the alarm and also initiated his own investigation.

He entered his daughter’s laptop, from Gmail to Facebook, Instagram and YouCast, and began searching for her secrets.

At the same time, on Twitter, the case slowly became a viral spread, and the #FindMargot and #DadDidIt topic pages gathered online “sucking worms”.

Between the layers of progressive browser windows and the messy desktop, the story opens up constantly flipping.

In fact, the story of “Network Tracing” itself, although written in a loop, does not produce much energy. After all, it is still a type of story written in the framework of continuous reversal. It can be summed up in one sentence : the daughter of a high school student suddenly disappeared, and Dad discovered the secret of her daughter by the network and eventually saved her. .

In other words, this is a “social network” version of “The Lost Lovers”. It has a rich drama tension in the ups and downs of the plot, and then puts family emotions, online social relationships, public opinion violence, etc. in the kernel, and the theme is also a cliché. This is a way to reveal the hidden violence and catharsis in this information age.

Therefore, the bug that entangles the plot is actually a kind of unnecessary. What makes this film a huge concern is that the entire film is presented on an electronic screen.

This form, after combining the stories, shows the unexpected and magical talents of the director and the editor, and finally gets the effect of bursting . Of course, this form is not so born to be used so skillfully, it has gone through several years of development.

As information technology penetrates into every corner of contemporary life, the information age is born in a fast-paced way. In the past, the sensational event is now just a mobile phone page that will be forgotten in the next second; the expression of human emotions and psychology is increasingly dependent on electronic information on social platforms.

Many directors are currently trying to incorporate this influence into the narrative of the film, such as Hanek’s “Happy Ending” and Xu Bing’s “Eye of the Eyes” , but they lack the basic knowledge of mastering the logic of network operations. There is also a lack of corresponding editing organization capabilities, and even the screen interface itself seems to be more credible.

The birth of “pseudo-recorded desktop movies” such as “Breakout”, “Remove Friends” and “Remove Friends 2: Dark Net” has raised this idea to a new level.

They determine the picture on the laptop screen and try to penetrate the viewer into “real life.” The “search” character behavior combines the story and the form better, and has a certain narrative basic standard and coherence in Shantou. These new media are involved in cutting-edge digital thrillers, each with its own topic.

You are not the only one cursed by knowledge

it’s impossible not to spoil through the spoilers. It’s impossible to be spoiled in this life.

At the beginning of the story is the tail egg of “Raytheon 3”. The Asgard spacecraft suffered from tyranny. The latter does not have any intention to be a brother-in-law of Sol or a son-in-law of Rocky or in any form to become an in-law of the Odin family. As a man who insists on pursuing music dreams, the goal of destroying the tyrant is to collect six infinite gems, cure his own arthritis, and then play the loudest finger in the universe. Although it sounds like a nonsense, there are scientific grounds for treating fingers with infinite gems, and some people have tried similarly on Earth.

The tyrant is originally the kind of singer-level tutor who sits on a swivel chair and listens to the song. He will turn around if he is satisfied. However, his protégés were almost destroyed. For example, Luo Nan lost in the hands of the Galaxy Dance Company during a fight. He was shy and angry. In the face of this situation, he could only go out in person. Half of the cosmic music scene, by the way to eliminate the other half.

The first to kill the tyrant is the famous percussionist Sol. The latter, because there is no instrument to pick up the hand, plus the right eye vision is not up to standard, can not see the word-raiser, the low-pitched voice advantage can not be played, so both instrumental music and vocal music are spiked. Sol was once a member of the Earth’s famous idol group EMH48 (Earth Mightiest Heros, also known as the Avengers). Later, he and his teammate Hulk went solo, and after a reunion in a foreign country, they formed a new combination. The voice of Hulk has the effect of returning to life, and it is more powerful than Yang Mi’s “Support for Love”. He once sang a lively teammate Tony. Hulk, who thinks that the treble is higher than anyone, jumped out to challenge the tyrant, and the result was defeated. Agent Hemdal saw that the situation was not good. In order to avoid the negative news fermentation, he quickly sent Hulk away.

(This is the rationality of the author who went online on the 3rd and 5th, and is responsible for inserting a sentence or two (or a lot of sentences). The heroic meaning of Loki is not too embarrassing to me. In my mind, his most distressing look is always “Thunder 2” is a helpless child who has been abandoned because she has no mother. I saw that he protected his brother like a man. I didn’t feel sad, but I was only pleased. Because the movie was not good at the beginning, so the atmosphere is not good, so The audience with a little experience must have made the worst plan. Even the hammer brother sacrificed here will not be particularly unexpected. The shocking effect of Rocky and Heimdal’s death has also been reduced in advance. In this part, Rocky’s most exciting thing is the phrase “We have a Hulk.” This is what Tony used to lick his “I have an army!” and now he said it from his mouth. I feel very cordial. In addition to my brother, Rocky must have a special complex for Hulk, so his schadenfreude in Raytheon 3, “Do you know what I feel?” “It became the biggest laugh, and this line that he summoned Hulk became one of the biggest flashes. From being scared by this sentence to threatening others with this sentence, it shows that Rocky has already made Hulk As a partner, the audience is willing to regard him as an avenger.)

Hulk, who was sent back to Earth, met the male idol group KMT (Kamar-Taj) Boys. The members of this group are named very differently, either surnamed Wang or have a very strange name. Their famous song “Youth Practice Handbook” is equipped with a specific dance “following my left hand and right hand in a slow motion, right hand left hand slow motion replay”. Although the popularity is booming, this group is still facing a shortage of funds. Looking at the size of one of the members, it is not difficult to find the reason. When they were too hungry to eat, suddenly a big man fell from the sky, which made them suddenly excited, but unfortunately the big man actually shrank after landing.

In order to avoid the turmoil caused by his high popularity, Hulk temporarily used his real name Bruce Banner. He explained the situation to the members of KMT Boys and invited them to join EMH48 to fight against the tyrant. So KMT Boys’s singular doctor took the initiative to find the original EMH48 core member and fashion consultant and main investor Iron Man Tony. At this time, Tony’s teacher has already left the music scene and is ready to marry and have children. One of the main things he has been doing in the past two years has been to train a very promising trainee named Peter Parker. When he first met, Peter mistakenly thought that “Dr Strange” was a stage name, and he quickly reported his name to Spider-Man.

“Blade Runner 2049” and Nabokov “Dark Fire”

A year ago, I went to the “Blade Runner 2049” studio to find an old book in a shelf of props – Nabokov’s “dark fire.” At that time, I was very curious about the relationship between the book and the film. It was not until a whole year later that the film was released to reveal the mystery. Moreover, the meaning of this book does not seem to be simple.

The book appeared in the home of K, played by High Commander. There was a scene in which Joi wanted K to read this book to her, but K refused, on the grounds that “you don’t like this book.”

The passages in this book appear in the “Baseline Test” that K experienced in the police station. He mentioned the verses in the book twice.

Let me talk about how this book is going. The Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov’s “Pale Fire” was published in 1962, and that was already his “Lolita” after the “explosion” in the United States. After the publication of “Dark Fire”, it was praised by the critics and was considered to break through the form of the novel.

The props in the film are the 1980 version.

Nabokov and “The Dark Fire”
Nabokov fictionalized a professor and poet Shade, and his colleague and neighbor Kinbote, who left an autobiographical 999 line of poems after his death. Neighbors wrote prefaces and commentaries and indexes for long poems.

Its structure is indeed very strange, long poems only account for one-tenth of the book, but the commentary is very lengthy and cumbersome. The main poem is about the poet’s life, his dead daughter, his understanding of life, love, death, truth and illusion. The neighbors, through a long commentary, forcibly reversed the meaning of the poem into a story of the last king from Zamba (a fictional country). This neighbor may be the deposed king, fleeing to the United States, and the pseudonym Golden Port teaches at school, wanting the poet to write his own experience into the poem. It is also possible that he was fantasizing himself into the fictional king in the process of reluctantly attaching himself to the wind and catching the shadows.

The “dark fire” comes from the Shakespeare tragedy “Thaimen of Athens”, which means that the moon is a thief and gets a “dark fire” by absorbing the light of the sun. Nabokov used this to satirize the neighbor, that is, he is the moon, stealing light from the poet.

“Iron Man”, another visual feast, but not a fast food

has always contradicted the name of “XX”, so take its original English name directly, “Iron Man”, this last year’s movie became The first movie I watched in 2009. As the super comic hero movie released in the same year, “Iron Man” is far less than “The Dark Knight”, but if I look at “Iron Man” in “The Dark Knight”, I can give “Iron Man” 8 points. 

Compared to those hot Spider Man, Super Man, and X-Men, Iron Man has not been famous in China. It is also a great success in the tireless efforts of the department’s information filtering methods. The protagonist Tony Stark is The original comic book set has a tragic experience of being kidnapped by the Viet Cong. This experience is also the decisive factor that ultimately motivates him to become Iron Man, and his political inclination is anti-communist. Mao Taizu said that the enemy of a friend is our enemy, so Iron Man is brave anyway, and the information about him cannot easily penetrate into this magical land. As for our former friend, Vietnam’s subsequent apostasy led me to produce a so-called “fighting self-defense counterattack”. Mao Taizu also said that he should use a dialectical perspective to see things, although Vietnam shamefully abandoned the great glory and correct communism. But before that it was still one of the few ally of my ally, so the Iron Man who opposed it was still outside my vision. 

In the movie, Paramount Pictures has changed its settings with the times, and it is no longer the Vietnamese who hurt Tony Stark’s soul, but the Afghan terrorist army (Taliban?), so this super hero movie is also Successfully landed in China.

“Iron Man” movie story is not a twist, the corner is easy to guess at the beginning, but the highlight of the film is the mechanical industry shown in the film, steel armor is similar to Japan’s GunDam-style equipment, But Iron Man’s body is obviously more compact, but it is also tough. The scene of talking to two F-22s while talking on the phone in Gaotianbi is classic. Humanoid robots, which are actually the best subjects of the Japanese, but the American special effects technology perfectly makes Iron Man flexible and unobtrusive on the screen, interlocking armor and windy appearance. Let this heroic hero appear omnipotent, and the American humor that flashes from time to time in many conversations has become a buffer for the film, so that the compact plot does not always make people nervous. 

The end of the film is very exciting, not only linked to “The Incredible Hulk”, but also for the “Green Hulk World Wars” movie version, and after six minutes of subtitles, Aegis’s contacts finally Appeared in Tony Stark’s home, Marvel’s Avengers League was also brought to the table, and the truly exciting content of American superhero comics is gradually being filmized.

Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr. This is a bold choice. Although Robert Downey Jr became famous very early, excessive drug abuse almost ruined him. As a acting artist, he can’t be as popular and popular as many of Hollywood’s younger generations. You can eat, and the most classic Robert Downey Jr in many people still stays in Chaplin, which he played in the early 1990s. In 2007, David Fincher launched Robert Downey Jr in his re-launched Zodiac. It was the starting point for Robert Downey Jr to regain his career. He did not waste this hard-won opportunity. Although Zodiac did not reach the height of David Fincher’s peak, the performance of Robert Downey Jr in the film was impressive. The corner of Tony Stark in Iron Man is undoubtedly very suitable for Robert Downey Jr, Chaplin has become a yuppie, jazz has been replaced by rock music, and the addict has also changed into a good actor, compared with Al Pacino. It may not be possible for him to achieve Al Pacino’s achievements in his lifetime, but he has his own unique characteristics, and his path of filming is far from over. Iron Man is a huge springboard, I am looking forward to Robert Downey. Jr can continue to be his first Hollywood scorpion, creating more memorable characters. 

The heroine is very sexy, but there are too few places in the film. Unfortunately, for the sake of the sequel, the director also deliberately slowed down her relationship with Tony Stark. She always looked forward to the movie when she was watching the movie. Brad Pitt’s woman and Hollywood’s most elegant nephew, Robert Downey Jr, played a bed show, but unfortunately they always wanted to cover and stop.

As Chinese people often watch foreign films, it is often a painful thing, because they can’t help but think of their country’s film manufacturing industry, and ask themselves why they can’t shoot such films in their own country? Many foreign films are taken directly from novels and comics. The screenplay is also processed on the original content. This is really a very enviable thing. Therefore, Fans with many novels and comics are looking forward to their favorite works. Was moved to the movie screen. As far as the movies of the American Super Comic Heroes are concerned, because of the commercial needs and the limitations of the length, it is usually extremely sensory and difficult to copy the depth of the original comics. This also makes some American hero heroes only through movies. Chinese netizens take it for granted that these “XX-Xiao” people are one after another who have the same thinking and violent ability. In 2008, “The Dark Knight” slammed back the slap in the face of these superficial people. Those who have really been involved in American superhero comics will understand why these super-capacity images can continue to suck in the United States and feed the two comic book giants Marvel and DC. The styles of American comics and Japanese comics vary greatly. But the same thing, they all influenced the people from childhood, and they have always become the national spiritual education instructors. The avatars teach children to protect their families, give love, think about society, understand responsibility, so when these children grow up, After that, he will still walk into the cinema, watching the image of growing up with him from a young age and being moved to the movie screen to reproduce the glory. Few people in China know that Spider Man is actually a young man struggling to give up Spider Man’s identity to accompany his girlfriend and aunt; Bat Man is regarded as a demon by many people because of his cruel behavior, and he is also justice. The only one in the league (a criminal organization of DC’s digital superheroes) is the one who retains the rock that can refrain from Super Man – because he is steadfast in maintaining skepticism and has a strong presence for Super Man. The individual of strength insisted on possessing the ability to subdue him; Daredevil was an anti-crime in an extreme way of violence and violence. He did not suffer from the pain of the inner darkness of the night, but he became more and more painful, irritable and became More violent; and Iron Man is a life of alcoholism. The more he wants to save people, the more killing he has created. He has been subjected to the betrayal of friends and the prejudice of the public. In Marvel’s “The Hulk World War”, he was planned to send it out. When the Earth’s Hulk returned to Earth, he killed him… and the most shocking independent chapter I have seen so far, Civil War, if you put this cartoon on the movie screen, then the deep-known “The Dark” Knight is as childish and shallow as a baby. Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered the Japanese TV drama “Fraud Game”, this TV series that only copied 20% of the original comics and depth has made countless people surprised that the TV series can still be made like this, but if you watch the TV series, then go Looking at the comic book of the same name, you can feel that it is not a universe of the same dimension. At least when I read the comic book “Cheat Game”, I took the paper and pen while browsing and calculating the process of the smuggling game.

“Iron Man” is just an introduction, Paramount’s ambition is opening for its more ambitious movie blueprint, the US captain will soon be on the movie screen, and then, the superheroes will no longer be alone. The parallel universe began to overlap each other, and the Superstar’s All-Star Game is being prepared intensively. 


The difference between the styles of the new and old editions of “The Blade Runner”: invisible and visible

“Blade Runner” is a movie about “invisible”, and
“Blade Runner 2049” is a movie about “visible.”

─ ─ Out of the theater, my mind did not consciously come up with this idea.

Before talking about this, let’s talk about the original novel. For many people, “Blade Runner” has long been synonymous with Cyberpunk’s art style: the sci-fi speed and the reality of the third world’s hybrid, the future of science and technology buildings are strewn with dirty streets, that bloated The chaos, the filth of dirt, the dragons and snakes, and the post-modern life of the mixture of Chinese and Western, are all revered by the future generations. However, the original novel “The Blade Runner” will be a dreamer who will dream of an electronic sheep? (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, 1968) There is not so much visual narrative about the world view. Instead of writing a sentence “to the end”, it will be changed. It is “short”, “high”, “small”, “big”, “old” and “new”. The only real scribble scene in the book is this:

“He lives alone in this decaying concealed building with thousands of unmanned houses. Like all other buildings, this movement has only faded day after day and become a more ruined ruin. In the end, everything in this building will be scrapped together, become blurred, and it is difficult to separate each other, leaving only the pudding waste, piled up in the ceiling in every room. 』

“There is a vagueness and it is difficult to distinguish each other” – this sentence is the theme behind all the visual styles of the 1982 “Wingskiller”. In a word, it is to make the audience “invisible.”

Different from the smooth and beautiful appearance of normal movies, the picture of “Blade Runner” is full of obstacles that hinder the audience from seeing at a glance. Colorful neon-sparking Kowloon Walled City signboards, complicated stairways, irregularly thrown indoor furniture, and sharp-edged chairs, these objects keep watching the audience’s sight… these obstacles From time to time, the object obstructs the perspective of the line of sight of the audience, and it is a thousand times. When the light and dark contrasts are extremely strong, the large-area shadows appear from time to time, but the lights are often swayed (imitation from the black film (Film noir) Techniques) On a stack, it is even more distracting of these cluttered images, overlapping each other. Stacking, overlapping, and overlapping… The flow shielding formed by the three obstacles of scenes, props, and lights completely deprives the audience of the impulse and the eyeball.

This is completely different from the logic of a normal movie. In fact, the longer the film length, the more physics the audience will see. However, in the “Blade Runner”, things are reversed. The physical discomfort that these superimposed pictures will inevitably bring in the first time (even if the obstacle itself is sometimes beautiful), so that the viewer will not stop watching every scene. Physiology is psychologically reminded that you can’t see some corners and things; as the story gets more and more, things that you don’t see gradually accumulate, and the fact that “invisible” gradually turns into a specific cognitive message, so that the audience will eventually produce one. The illusion of the stock: Is it something I can’t see, is it more than I saw?

Therefore, this “invisible” private imagination, let the art into aesthetics, gave the “Blade Runner” a layer of white beauty. Just as the problem of the icy machine of The Voight-Kampff machine is so poetic with observation of life, as if the silver-wing killer really wants to test not the Replicant but the poet (although copying people too) It’s really like a poet in the world. This bloated, chaotic, filthy dirt, dragons and snakes, and a mixture of Chinese and Western dirty towns, because of their incomprehensibility, created a layer of mysterious rituals in the hearts of the audience. Like space. If the story of the original story of the novel is to dispel the mysterious veil of religious rituals layer by layer with a sound rational debate, the 1982 film “The Blade Runner” is to remove the religious story on the one hand, but on the other hand In a silent visual style, this mysterious and unique aesthetic charm is re-applied to this cyberpunk city pool and the male lead Rick, a very inefficient but poetic pursuit, pervasive, omnipresent and innocent. No.

Therefore, the audience will inevitably be aware of how strange and heterogeneous the “Blade Runner 2049” is a sequel.

Not only because the visual style of “Blade Runner 2049” has changed from cyberpunk to Wasteland; it is because the thinking behind this style is completely complete with the first episode “The Blade Runner”. It’s all the opposite – it wants the audience to “visible,” and the clearer the better.

At the beginning of the movie, a large pupil with a large screen like a screen emerges from the front; the next scene, an aerial shot, the silver-painted future farmland spreads across the flat land. The shape of these farmland is so similar to the surface of the pupil, as if the film was just looking directly at the audience, observing whether the audience is guessing whether this scene is only to pay tribute to the first episode; if so, then it is too light to look at “I” The Blade Runner 2049″! It seems to be such a provocative scene.

Spiderman: The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility

I saw it completely a few years ago, and it made me feel shocked. Because I have to read the “Spider-Man” series, because the time is long, or the movie is too much, some plots in the love can not be remembered, and the first “Spider-Man” was re-read. 

After reading it, I feel “shocked” and it is quite beautiful. Because it is the second time, I have a deeper understanding of the theme of the film. Yes, it means “the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.” 

I think the whole film is perfect. That is to say, there are various elements of commercial films, conspiracy, fighting, big special effects, big scenes, romantic plots of love films, and not so profound, but educationally relevant themes, accompanied by a description of family. There are some, can such a film not look good? 

The director’s shooting technique is also very modern. I mean modern, which refers to the lens application that is closer to modern movies. I am not a professional. I can only say that during the movie watching, I feel that the lens gives people a wide view. It is a panoramic depiction of many scenes. It is much more comfortable than the 70s movie I watched recently. 

The director of the film did not take such a comic book adaptation of the super hero film, shooting into an animated popcorn movie, very brains. Aside from the “Spider-Man” element, any element in the film is taken out and placed in other films, which are very good. I am very impressed by the ability of Hollywood choreographers. 

In my mind, only this film and “Batman 2: Dark Knight” are very successful adaptations. Raise the superhero action movie to a certain height. 

I like both the male and female stars in the film. Toby Maguire’s performance is very restrained, and he likes his “Pentium Age” very much. The female lord does not have to say, that is, a female genius with beautiful appearance and acting skills. The supporting role is also a very good actor. The little handsome guy James is divided into two, William Duffy, who is eating all the corners, is a acting school. 

The original action movie can also be very deep. Sam Remy does have a hand. 


“Top Player” Movies & Games & Anime Eggs

“Top Player” is a feast for egg lovers. Below the egg, you will try to find out all the movie stalks, game stalks, anime stalks and pop culture stalks in the film (in order of appearance).

Because there are so many eggs in the film, the online claim to find the full estimate still needs to work hard. This article is temporarily updated to 140+. If there are any mistakes, please add it. I will add the information to the article as soon as possible. Let’s work together!

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Logo egg
The logo of the film itself has an egg. Note that the letters on the logo are connected together to form a simple little labyrinth, and the end of the labyrinth has an egg that echoes the end of the game in the movie – find the egg .

There is an egg in the letter “O”
Easter eggs
The film was released in the Easter season of 2018, and it is well known that the festival’s logo is the Easter Eggs

First seen oasis
The opening of the film, when we entered the oasis with Wade’s perspective, the picture passed through the scene of the game “Minecraft” , which is refreshing.

When Wade introduced the Oasis, he said that players can even climb Mount Everest with the DC hero Batman . It can be inferred from the vague yellow sign that this is probably the 1989 Michael Keaton version of Batman !

The Batman logo appears in many places in the film, such as the VR glasses of the male and female owners, and the protagonists who appeared in the library to select the film, appeared in the 1989 Tim Burton version of “Batman” video.

Games Lobby
In the opening game hall, there are many familiar characters, including:

Murphy in Robocop

Marvin the Martian in the Bugs Bunny series animation

John Bender , a bad student in The Breakfast Club

Game Character Sonic The Hedgehog

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tracer in Overwatch

There are also cartoon characters Hello Kitty , big eye frog Keroppi and cool penguin (BADTZ-MARU) .

(Hello cat later appeared again in the library)

Uncle Renault
The avatar of Wade’s aunt’s boyfriend in the game is Jim Raynor in the StarCraft series .

Destroy the planet
“Planet Doom” is a city in the 80s Japanese anime “Voltron” .

“Raytheon 2” is a simple and rude feeling

In the praise of a fan, as a non-beauty powder non-hammer powder non-shake powder passers-by come to an objective (pseudo) comment. 

Marvel’s movie is really more and more mature, “Raytheon 2 “It’s like a work created on a factory assembly line. It’s like taking a ruler and measuring it. Where to have a smile, where to fight, where the play, where to sell the rot, the various parts of the arrangement of the standard, will not go wrong, but also too predictable … can 

see that “Raytheon 2” very pleasing fans, to loki The chemical reaction between thor and thor has increased more than a few times. The comics haven’t been seen clearly, but I believe it should be very satisfying to the comic fans. In the satisfaction of the fans, the average audience has also been considered, the action is quite a lot, the rhythm is not delayed, and the standard mentioned before is not wrong, and you should not be disappointed when you look at the big movie. And even if I think the film is general, you make me pick a thorn, I can’t pick anything. “Raytheon 2” is indeed a popcorn masterpiece, but it didn’t make me feel particularly deep. 

The sister who I watched together said that the Raytheon series is four words, simple and rude. I thought about what she said is quite right. I also know why I don’t particularly like “Raytheon 2”. 
“Raytheon 2” is good enough to satisfy the look and feel and fan psychology. Therefore, it gave up as a The comic book heroes are adapted from popcorn, and more importantly, as something that a movie should have. 

I may say that there may be some pretense, but I think that the production of “Raytheon 2” can only be described as “simple and rude”, using the simplest and most unprepared way to promote the development of the story, streamlining the film to only explode The part of the rice flower, what kind of psychological portrayal, the transition of the plot, etc. can be thrown away and discarded. After reading and forgetting, I can’t leave any impression. 

I am not asking for the depth and meaning of “Raytheon 2”. What is the demand for a commercial film?
I just think that even as a commercial film, don’t be purely killing or selling rot. I think that “Raytheon 2” is almost the same as “Special Forces”, although I don’t like this year’s “Wolverine”. 2″, but I have at least seen “Wolverine 2” has been carefully shaping the characters, to pave the background. The film of Marvel now is like a mold, full of craftsmanship. This year’s Disney Marvel’s two films, “Iron Man 3” and “Raytheon 2”, these two films are almost indistinguishable to me, can not see the director’s personal style, it is like a person to shoot. I think this is probably the inevitable result of the mature production system of Marvel. In these movies, the director should have no great initiative. 

In fact, it can be understood. After all, the film company is a businessman, making money first, and making comic movies so satisfying the needs of different people. After all, you can’t expect every director to shoot a movie like Batman like Nolan. This way of making it is the best choice in business and the least risk. 

Just as a fan, I still hope that the North American film market in the future will see that Marvel is different, and more sincere works appear, rather than being flooded by such “movie line products.” 

Responding to some downstairs responses, emphasizing two points 

1 I specifically emphasized that there is no requirement for Raytheon to have depth, in order to prevent those who do not move. What depth do you want in a commercial film, roll home and watch your literary film, and force it.” This silly X of brain-dead speech comes in. Is there nothing else in the movie except for the effects and depth? Emotional rendering, psychological portrayal, and excessive plots are all related to the so-called “depth.” X-Men, Spider-Man series, and even Iron Man, did not see the depth of Raytheon 2, as much as the content of Raytheon 2. It’s really 

hard to force people to force them. 2 I just said that Wolverine 2 “has the intention to shape the characters and go to the background.” It doesn’t mean that it is better than Raytheon 2, I said that Feng’s eyes are smaller than Qin’s eyes. Looks good, does it mean that Feng Sister is better than Qin Haiyan? 

The heroic family’s chai-oil salt is harder than the odds of love.

After reading “Superman Story 2”, when I was a mom, I laughed. You see, bringing a baby is not only the trouble of me and other mortals, but even Superman feels difficult. There is a saying in Chinese that “every family has a difficult experience.” In fact, it is also the same in American animation. Superman’s family also has this difficult experience.

Can super power solve all problems? As the title of “Incredibles” brings the slapstick meaning, Pixar turned to the mortal perspective to see Superman, and saw the interest of reversal. If the first “Superman mobilization” is talking about “anti-hero” – Mr. Super Energy’s middle-aged crisis, then this part seems to me to expand the crisis and dismantle a family (Men Superman Superman Child Superman) The difficulties faced. They said that they are small, but the mediocrity of the rice and oil salt; to the big, it is the “difficult scripture.”

Let’s take a look at what problems the Super Family has encountered:

1. Superman is useless, and both husband and wife are unemployed.

2. Do you want to go out to work? Who works? Who brings the baby? What does the work do?

3, the biggest daughter, into adolescence, rebellious, refused to communicate, have their own secrets.

4, the second child, eight or nine years old, the most mischievous and ridiculous.

5, the youngest child, eat and drink Lazar, the most difficult to bring before the age of one.

6. What else? The world is in a mess, no one is coming to save.

Don’t care about the last point, the first thing is a headache. People say that “the poor couples are sorrowful,” even if the feelings are superb, the days of being forced to lose their jobs after overnight are not good. The two were told that the Superman project had stopped, and they also lost their financial resources while appeasing the children to live in the motel to save money and to worry about the future.

I remember that in the first episode, the elastic female Superman and Mr. Super Energy said this when they got married. “In the future, no matter what happens, we have to spend it together.” Mr. Supern said, “We are superhuman, what can happen? child?”

Yes, how big can it be? Two people are married, better than one person. There is always someone to help, and it’s not going to be on the streets? Not to mention the super powers, even the enemies of the world are not afraid, but also afraid of the enemy of life? Telling the truth, mortals often have such feelings, the enemies at work are not terrible, the terrible is precisely the hidden “enemies” in life.