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Death is not a farewell, forgetting is

When watching the trailer, I thought that this movie co-produced by Disney and Pixar is a simple music-seeking theme like “Rock and Mastiff” and “Happy Voice”. After I saw it, I realized that pursuing my dreams is nothing more than a traction line. This is more about a family that explores the eternal theme of […]

You are not the only one cursed by knowledge

it’s impossible not to spoil through the spoilers. It’s impossible to be spoiled in this life. At the beginning of the story is the tail egg of “Raytheon 3”. The Asgard spacecraft suffered from tyranny. The latter does not have any intention to be a brother-in-law of Sol or a son-in-law of Rocky or in […]

“Blade Runner 2049” and Nabokov “Dark Fire”

A year ago, I went to the “Blade Runner 2049” studio to find an old book in a shelf of props – Nabokov’s “dark fire.” At that time, I was very curious about the relationship between the book and the film. It was not until a whole year later that the film was released to […]

“Iron Man”, another visual feast, but not a fast food

has always contradicted the name of “XX”, so take its original English name directly, “Iron Man”, this last year’s movie became The first movie I watched in 2009. As the super comic hero movie released in the same year, “Iron Man” is far less than “The Dark Knight”, but if I look at “Iron Man” in […]

The difference between the styles of the new and old editions of “The Blade Runner”: invisible and visible

“Blade Runner” is a movie about “invisible”, and “Blade Runner 2049” is a movie about “visible.” ─ ─ Out of the theater, my mind did not consciously come up with this idea. Before talking about this, let’s talk about the original novel. For many people, “Blade Runner” has long been synonymous with Cyberpunk’s art style: […]

Spiderman: The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility

I saw it completely a few years ago, and it made me feel shocked. Because I have to read the “Spider-Man” series, because the time is long, or the movie is too much, some plots in the love can not be remembered, and the first “Spider-Man” was re-read.  After reading it, I feel “shocked” and it […]

“Top Player” Movies & Games & Anime Eggs

“Top Player” is a feast for egg lovers. Below the egg, you will try to find out all the movie stalks, game stalks, anime stalks and pop culture stalks in the film (in order of appearance). Because there are so many eggs in the film, the online claim to find the full estimate still needs […]

“Raytheon 2” is a simple and rude feeling

In the praise of a fan, as a non-beauty powder non-hammer powder non-shake powder passers-by come to an objective (pseudo) comment.  Marvel’s movie is really more and more mature, “Raytheon 2 “It’s like a work created on a factory assembly line. It’s like taking a ruler and measuring it. Where to have a smile, where to […]