Death is not a farewell, forgetting is

When watching the trailer, I thought that this movie co-produced by Disney and Pixar is a simple music-seeking theme like “Rock and Mastiff” and “Happy Voice”.

After I saw it, I realized that pursuing my dreams is nothing more than a traction line. This is more about a family that explores the eternal theme of death.

This is an animated cartoon about the Mexican Day of the Dead.

The Day of the Dead is a traditional festival that Mexicans pay special attention to. They think that people who have passed away have not really died. They will continue to live in another world. On the day of the Day of the Dead, these dead people will come to the real world and Loved ones together.

Therefore, in the whole day, the whole country will celebrate grandly. People cut out the plaques on the paper-cutting, make snacks, bring masks, sing and dance, and play everywhere. There is no sense of sadness.

The story in the movie happened on the day of the Day of the Dead.

There were a lot of strange things happening on this day. The little boy entered a colorful, crowded, lively and extraordinary world full of sultry people.

He has always had a dream of musicians, and he has embarked on his dream journey in this world, looking for music idols that have already died, and all kinds of ridiculous and interesting things have followed.

But the story is not new. Fox has taken the animated book “The Book of Life” with the Mexican Day of the Dead as the background material. The protagonist also carries the guitar;

The stalks like “Zombie Bride” and “Christmas Night Cry” have long been commonplace;

We also see a lot of heroes who see music as more important than anything else;

As well as the family members who are obstructed by the protagonist’s musical dreams, the same family in the same world is not uncommon;

In addition, there is a world like the “Crazy Animal City”, a ghost party party like “The Elf Hostel”, and the marigold bridge leading to the real world also makes people think of the same golden stars in “Luna”. ;

There are also defeated big bosses to complete the ultimate mission, etc., you see, are some common used routines.

But these are the old routines, Pixar has a way to make you intoxicated, and moved to tears.

From 2011 to the present, the creative team spent six years running to Mexico to collect the wind, live in the locals’ homes, experience their lives, understand their customs, and almost fully prepare everything, including music and color. , plots, scenes and character shaping, spent a lot of time and effort to fill these pictures with real details:

Colorful paper-cuts, golden marigolds, dingy hairless dogs, traditional food like long scorpions, family-style shoes, entertainment plazas, local instruments, etc. are all in front of us.

The vertical towering buildings in the land of death refer to and draw on a large number of Mexican historical materials. From the bottom to the top, the evolution process from ancient to modern, these various kinds of Pixar’s intentions, this is why its cartoons One of the reasons that can bring us unlimited surprises.

Family and music are two important elements of the film.

So in music, Pixar is also full of thoughts, there are a lot of very good original music. The song is full of Latin style, the melody is very infectious, invites more than 50 musicians to play, and uses a lot of Mexican native instruments to fully present the taste of this piece of music.

The various chord fingerings and performance details of the little boy playing the guitar are also accurately and perfectly presented. It can be seen that they have worked hard and emotionally for this.

The most attractive and touching of me was that Zeng Zeng’s grandmother sang on the stage, avoiding the villains to prevent the other party from taking photos, and finally the climax of the film, the little boy and the great-grandmother singing Remember Me together. like. I won’t do too much spoiler here.

But I still can’t help but call the animator crazy. The great-grandmother’s wrinkles and kindness are really realistic and cute. It is the place where the movie is most impressed by the careful polishing of these usual details.

The English title of “Looking for Dreams” is “CoCo”. Coco is the name of great-grandmother. This nomenclature seems to remind us who is the real protagonist of this animation, just like “Summer of Jujiro”, the real male one The number is not a little boy, but a strange uncle of Kitano Takeshi.