You are not the only one cursed by knowledge

it’s impossible not to spoil through the spoilers. It’s impossible to be spoiled in this life.

At the beginning of the story is the tail egg of “Raytheon 3”. The Asgard spacecraft suffered from tyranny. The latter does not have any intention to be a brother-in-law of Sol or a son-in-law of Rocky or in any form to become an in-law of the Odin family. As a man who insists on pursuing music dreams, the goal of destroying the tyrant is to collect six infinite gems, cure his own arthritis, and then play the loudest finger in the universe. Although it sounds like a nonsense, there are scientific grounds for treating fingers with infinite gems, and some people have tried similarly on Earth.

The tyrant is originally the kind of singer-level tutor who sits on a swivel chair and listens to the song. He will turn around if he is satisfied. However, his protégés were almost destroyed. For example, Luo Nan lost in the hands of the Galaxy Dance Company during a fight. He was shy and angry. In the face of this situation, he could only go out in person. Half of the cosmic music scene, by the way to eliminate the other half.

The first to kill the tyrant is the famous percussionist Sol. The latter, because there is no instrument to pick up the hand, plus the right eye vision is not up to standard, can not see the word-raiser, the low-pitched voice advantage can not be played, so both instrumental music and vocal music are spiked. Sol was once a member of the Earth’s famous idol group EMH48 (Earth Mightiest Heros, also known as the Avengers). Later, he and his teammate Hulk went solo, and after a reunion in a foreign country, they formed a new combination. The voice of Hulk has the effect of returning to life, and it is more powerful than Yang Mi’s “Support for Love”. He once sang a lively teammate Tony. Hulk, who thinks that the treble is higher than anyone, jumped out to challenge the tyrant, and the result was defeated. Agent Hemdal saw that the situation was not good. In order to avoid the negative news fermentation, he quickly sent Hulk away.

(This is the rationality of the author who went online on the 3rd and 5th, and is responsible for inserting a sentence or two (or a lot of sentences). The heroic meaning of Loki is not too embarrassing to me. In my mind, his most distressing look is always “Thunder 2” is a helpless child who has been abandoned because she has no mother. I saw that he protected his brother like a man. I didn’t feel sad, but I was only pleased. Because the movie was not good at the beginning, so the atmosphere is not good, so The audience with a little experience must have made the worst plan. Even the hammer brother sacrificed here will not be particularly unexpected. The shocking effect of Rocky and Heimdal’s death has also been reduced in advance. In this part, Rocky’s most exciting thing is the phrase “We have a Hulk.” This is what Tony used to lick his “I have an army!” and now he said it from his mouth. I feel very cordial. In addition to my brother, Rocky must have a special complex for Hulk, so his schadenfreude in Raytheon 3, “Do you know what I feel?” “It became the biggest laugh, and this line that he summoned Hulk became one of the biggest flashes. From being scared by this sentence to threatening others with this sentence, it shows that Rocky has already made Hulk As a partner, the audience is willing to regard him as an avenger.)

Hulk, who was sent back to Earth, met the male idol group KMT (Kamar-Taj) Boys. The members of this group are named very differently, either surnamed Wang or have a very strange name. Their famous song “Youth Practice Handbook” is equipped with a specific dance “following my left hand and right hand in a slow motion, right hand left hand slow motion replay”. Although the popularity is booming, this group is still facing a shortage of funds. Looking at the size of one of the members, it is not difficult to find the reason. When they were too hungry to eat, suddenly a big man fell from the sky, which made them suddenly excited, but unfortunately the big man actually shrank after landing.

In order to avoid the turmoil caused by his high popularity, Hulk temporarily used his real name Bruce Banner. He explained the situation to the members of KMT Boys and invited them to join EMH48 to fight against the tyrant. So KMT Boys’s singular doctor took the initiative to find the original EMH48 core member and fashion consultant and main investor Iron Man Tony. At this time, Tony’s teacher has already left the music scene and is ready to marry and have children. One of the main things he has been doing in the past two years has been to train a very promising trainee named Peter Parker. When he first met, Peter mistakenly thought that “Dr Strange” was a stage name, and he quickly reported his name to Spider-Man.