“Blade Runner 2049” and Nabokov “Dark Fire”

A year ago, I went to the “Blade Runner 2049” studio to find an old book in a shelf of props – Nabokov’s “dark fire.” At that time, I was very curious about the relationship between the book and the film. It was not until a whole year later that the film was released to reveal the mystery. Moreover, the meaning of this book does not seem to be simple.

The book appeared in the home of K, played by High Commander. There was a scene in which Joi wanted K to read this book to her, but K refused, on the grounds that “you don’t like this book.”

The passages in this book appear in the “Baseline Test” that K experienced in the police station. He mentioned the verses in the book twice.

Let me talk about how this book is going. The Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov’s “Pale Fire” was published in 1962, and that was already his “Lolita” after the “explosion” in the United States. After the publication of “Dark Fire”, it was praised by the critics and was considered to break through the form of the novel.

The props in the film are the 1980 version.

Nabokov and “The Dark Fire”
Nabokov fictionalized a professor and poet Shade, and his colleague and neighbor Kinbote, who left an autobiographical 999 line of poems after his death. Neighbors wrote prefaces and commentaries and indexes for long poems.

Its structure is indeed very strange, long poems only account for one-tenth of the book, but the commentary is very lengthy and cumbersome. The main poem is about the poet’s life, his dead daughter, his understanding of life, love, death, truth and illusion. The neighbors, through a long commentary, forcibly reversed the meaning of the poem into a story of the last king from Zamba (a fictional country). This neighbor may be the deposed king, fleeing to the United States, and the pseudonym Golden Port teaches at school, wanting the poet to write his own experience into the poem. It is also possible that he was fantasizing himself into the fictional king in the process of reluctantly attaching himself to the wind and catching the shadows.

The “dark fire” comes from the Shakespeare tragedy “Thaimen of Athens”, which means that the moon is a thief and gets a “dark fire” by absorbing the light of the sun. Nabokov used this to satirize the neighbor, that is, he is the moon, stealing light from the poet.

“Iron Man”, another visual feast, but not a fast food

has always contradicted the name of “XX”, so take its original English name directly, “Iron Man”, this last year’s movie became The first movie I watched in 2009. As the super comic hero movie released in the same year, “Iron Man” is far less than “The Dark Knight”, but if I look at “Iron Man” in “The Dark Knight”, I can give “Iron Man” 8 points. 

Compared to those hot Spider Man, Super Man, and X-Men, Iron Man has not been famous in China. It is also a great success in the tireless efforts of the department’s information filtering methods. The protagonist Tony Stark is The original comic book set has a tragic experience of being kidnapped by the Viet Cong. This experience is also the decisive factor that ultimately motivates him to become Iron Man, and his political inclination is anti-communist. Mao Taizu said that the enemy of a friend is our enemy, so Iron Man is brave anyway, and the information about him cannot easily penetrate into this magical land. As for our former friend, Vietnam’s subsequent apostasy led me to produce a so-called “fighting self-defense counterattack”. Mao Taizu also said that he should use a dialectical perspective to see things, although Vietnam shamefully abandoned the great glory and correct communism. But before that it was still one of the few ally of my ally, so the Iron Man who opposed it was still outside my vision. 

In the movie, Paramount Pictures has changed its settings with the times, and it is no longer the Vietnamese who hurt Tony Stark’s soul, but the Afghan terrorist army (Taliban?), so this super hero movie is also Successfully landed in China.

“Iron Man” movie story is not a twist, the corner is easy to guess at the beginning, but the highlight of the film is the mechanical industry shown in the film, steel armor is similar to Japan’s GunDam-style equipment, But Iron Man’s body is obviously more compact, but it is also tough. The scene of talking to two F-22s while talking on the phone in Gaotianbi is classic. Humanoid robots, which are actually the best subjects of the Japanese, but the American special effects technology perfectly makes Iron Man flexible and unobtrusive on the screen, interlocking armor and windy appearance. Let this heroic hero appear omnipotent, and the American humor that flashes from time to time in many conversations has become a buffer for the film, so that the compact plot does not always make people nervous. 

The end of the film is very exciting, not only linked to “The Incredible Hulk”, but also for the “Green Hulk World Wars” movie version, and after six minutes of subtitles, Aegis’s contacts finally Appeared in Tony Stark’s home, Marvel’s Avengers League was also brought to the table, and the truly exciting content of American superhero comics is gradually being filmized.

Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr. This is a bold choice. Although Robert Downey Jr became famous very early, excessive drug abuse almost ruined him. As a acting artist, he can’t be as popular and popular as many of Hollywood’s younger generations. You can eat, and the most classic Robert Downey Jr in many people still stays in Chaplin, which he played in the early 1990s. In 2007, David Fincher launched Robert Downey Jr in his re-launched Zodiac. It was the starting point for Robert Downey Jr to regain his career. He did not waste this hard-won opportunity. Although Zodiac did not reach the height of David Fincher’s peak, the performance of Robert Downey Jr in the film was impressive. The corner of Tony Stark in Iron Man is undoubtedly very suitable for Robert Downey Jr, Chaplin has become a yuppie, jazz has been replaced by rock music, and the addict has also changed into a good actor, compared with Al Pacino. It may not be possible for him to achieve Al Pacino’s achievements in his lifetime, but he has his own unique characteristics, and his path of filming is far from over. Iron Man is a huge springboard, I am looking forward to Robert Downey. Jr can continue to be his first Hollywood scorpion, creating more memorable characters. 

The heroine is very sexy, but there are too few places in the film. Unfortunately, for the sake of the sequel, the director also deliberately slowed down her relationship with Tony Stark. She always looked forward to the movie when she was watching the movie. Brad Pitt’s woman and Hollywood’s most elegant nephew, Robert Downey Jr, played a bed show, but unfortunately they always wanted to cover and stop.

As Chinese people often watch foreign films, it is often a painful thing, because they can’t help but think of their country’s film manufacturing industry, and ask themselves why they can’t shoot such films in their own country? Many foreign films are taken directly from novels and comics. The screenplay is also processed on the original content. This is really a very enviable thing. Therefore, Fans with many novels and comics are looking forward to their favorite works. Was moved to the movie screen. As far as the movies of the American Super Comic Heroes are concerned, because of the commercial needs and the limitations of the length, it is usually extremely sensory and difficult to copy the depth of the original comics. This also makes some American hero heroes only through movies. Chinese netizens take it for granted that these “XX-Xiao” people are one after another who have the same thinking and violent ability. In 2008, “The Dark Knight” slammed back the slap in the face of these superficial people. Those who have really been involved in American superhero comics will understand why these super-capacity images can continue to suck in the United States and feed the two comic book giants Marvel and DC. The styles of American comics and Japanese comics vary greatly. But the same thing, they all influenced the people from childhood, and they have always become the national spiritual education instructors. The avatars teach children to protect their families, give love, think about society, understand responsibility, so when these children grow up, After that, he will still walk into the cinema, watching the image of growing up with him from a young age and being moved to the movie screen to reproduce the glory. Few people in China know that Spider Man is actually a young man struggling to give up Spider Man’s identity to accompany his girlfriend and aunt; Bat Man is regarded as a demon by many people because of his cruel behavior, and he is also justice. The only one in the league (a criminal organization of DC’s digital superheroes) is the one who retains the rock that can refrain from Super Man – because he is steadfast in maintaining skepticism and has a strong presence for Super Man. The individual of strength insisted on possessing the ability to subdue him; Daredevil was an anti-crime in an extreme way of violence and violence. He did not suffer from the pain of the inner darkness of the night, but he became more and more painful, irritable and became More violent; and Iron Man is a life of alcoholism. The more he wants to save people, the more killing he has created. He has been subjected to the betrayal of friends and the prejudice of the public. In Marvel’s “The Hulk World War”, he was planned to send it out. When the Earth’s Hulk returned to Earth, he killed him… and the most shocking independent chapter I have seen so far, Civil War, if you put this cartoon on the movie screen, then the deep-known “The Dark” Knight is as childish and shallow as a baby. Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered the Japanese TV drama “Fraud Game”, this TV series that only copied 20% of the original comics and depth has made countless people surprised that the TV series can still be made like this, but if you watch the TV series, then go Looking at the comic book of the same name, you can feel that it is not a universe of the same dimension. At least when I read the comic book “Cheat Game”, I took the paper and pen while browsing and calculating the process of the smuggling game.

“Iron Man” is just an introduction, Paramount’s ambition is opening for its more ambitious movie blueprint, the US captain will soon be on the movie screen, and then, the superheroes will no longer be alone. The parallel universe began to overlap each other, and the Superstar’s All-Star Game is being prepared intensively.