Spiderman: The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility

I saw it completely a few years ago, and it made me feel shocked. Because I have to read the “Spider-Man” series, because the time is long, or the movie is too much, some plots in the love can not be remembered, and the first “Spider-Man” was re-read. 

After reading it, I feel “shocked” and it is quite beautiful. Because it is the second time, I have a deeper understanding of the theme of the film. Yes, it means “the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.” 

I think the whole film is perfect. That is to say, there are various elements of commercial films, conspiracy, fighting, big special effects, big scenes, romantic plots of love films, and not so profound, but educationally relevant themes, accompanied by a description of family. There are some, can such a film not look good? 

The director’s shooting technique is also very modern. I mean modern, which refers to the lens application that is closer to modern movies. I am not a professional. I can only say that during the movie watching, I feel that the lens gives people a wide view. It is a panoramic depiction of many scenes. It is much more comfortable than the 70s movie I watched recently. 

The director of the film did not take such a comic book adaptation of the super hero film, shooting into an animated popcorn movie, very brains. Aside from the “Spider-Man” element, any element in the film is taken out and placed in other films, which are very good. I am very impressed by the ability of Hollywood choreographers. 

In my mind, only this film and “Batman 2: Dark Knight” are very successful adaptations. Raise the superhero action movie to a certain height. 

I like both the male and female stars in the film. Toby Maguire’s performance is very restrained, and he likes his “Pentium Age” very much. The female lord does not have to say, that is, a female genius with beautiful appearance and acting skills. The supporting role is also a very good actor. The little handsome guy James is divided into two, William Duffy, who is eating all the corners, is a acting school. 

The original action movie can also be very deep. Sam Remy does have a hand.