“Top Player” Movies & Games & Anime Eggs

“Top Player” is a feast for egg lovers. Below the egg, you will try to find out all the movie stalks, game stalks, anime stalks and pop culture stalks in the film (in order of appearance).

Because there are so many eggs in the film, the online claim to find the full estimate still needs to work hard. This article is temporarily updated to 140+. If there are any mistakes, please add it. I will add the information to the article as soon as possible. Let’s work together!

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Logo egg
The logo of the film itself has an egg. Note that the letters on the logo are connected together to form a simple little labyrinth, and the end of the labyrinth has an egg that echoes the end of the game in the movie – find the egg .

There is an egg in the letter “O”
Easter eggs
The film was released in the Easter season of 2018, and it is well known that the festival’s logo is the Easter Eggs

First seen oasis
The opening of the film, when we entered the oasis with Wade’s perspective, the picture passed through the scene of the game “Minecraft” , which is refreshing.

When Wade introduced the Oasis, he said that players can even climb Mount Everest with the DC hero Batman . It can be inferred from the vague yellow sign that this is probably the 1989 Michael Keaton version of Batman !

The Batman logo appears in many places in the film, such as the VR glasses of the male and female owners, and the protagonists who appeared in the library to select the film, appeared in the 1989 Tim Burton version of “Batman” video.

Games Lobby
In the opening game hall, there are many familiar characters, including:

Murphy in Robocop

Marvin the Martian in the Bugs Bunny series animation

John Bender , a bad student in The Breakfast Club

Game Character Sonic The Hedgehog

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tracer in Overwatch

There are also cartoon characters Hello Kitty , big eye frog Keroppi and cool penguin (BADTZ-MARU) .

(Hello cat later appeared again in the library)

Uncle Renault
The avatar of Wade’s aunt’s boyfriend in the game is Jim Raynor in the StarCraft series .

Destroy the planet
“Planet Doom” is a city in the 80s Japanese anime “Voltron” .