The heroic family’s chai-oil salt is harder than the odds of love.

After reading “Superman Story 2”, when I was a mom, I laughed. You see, bringing a baby is not only the trouble of me and other mortals, but even Superman feels difficult. There is a saying in Chinese that “every family has a difficult experience.” In fact, it is also the same in American animation. Superman’s family also has this difficult experience.

Can super power solve all problems? As the title of “Incredibles” brings the slapstick meaning, Pixar turned to the mortal perspective to see Superman, and saw the interest of reversal. If the first “Superman mobilization” is talking about “anti-hero” – Mr. Super Energy’s middle-aged crisis, then this part seems to me to expand the crisis and dismantle a family (Men Superman Superman Child Superman) The difficulties faced. They said that they are small, but the mediocrity of the rice and oil salt; to the big, it is the “difficult scripture.”

Let’s take a look at what problems the Super Family has encountered:

1. Superman is useless, and both husband and wife are unemployed.

2. Do you want to go out to work? Who works? Who brings the baby? What does the work do?

3, the biggest daughter, into adolescence, rebellious, refused to communicate, have their own secrets.

4, the second child, eight or nine years old, the most mischievous and ridiculous.

5, the youngest child, eat and drink Lazar, the most difficult to bring before the age of one.

6. What else? The world is in a mess, no one is coming to save.

Don’t care about the last point, the first thing is a headache. People say that “the poor couples are sorrowful,” even if the feelings are superb, the days of being forced to lose their jobs after overnight are not good. The two were told that the Superman project had stopped, and they also lost their financial resources while appeasing the children to live in the motel to save money and to worry about the future.

I remember that in the first episode, the elastic female Superman and Mr. Super Energy said this when they got married. “In the future, no matter what happens, we have to spend it together.” Mr. Supern said, “We are superhuman, what can happen? child?”

Yes, how big can it be? Two people are married, better than one person. There is always someone to help, and it’s not going to be on the streets? Not to mention the super powers, even the enemies of the world are not afraid, but also afraid of the enemy of life? Telling the truth, mortals often have such feelings, the enemies at work are not terrible, the terrible is precisely the hidden “enemies” in life.