“Raytheon 2” is a simple and rude feeling

In the praise of a fan, as a non-beauty powder non-hammer powder non-shake powder passers-by come to an objective (pseudo) comment. 

Marvel’s movie is really more and more mature, “Raytheon 2 “It’s like a work created on a factory assembly line. It’s like taking a ruler and measuring it. Where to have a smile, where to fight, where the play, where to sell the rot, the various parts of the arrangement of the standard, will not go wrong, but also too predictable … can 

see that “Raytheon 2” very pleasing fans, to loki The chemical reaction between thor and thor has increased more than a few times. The comics haven’t been seen clearly, but I believe it should be very satisfying to the comic fans. In the satisfaction of the fans, the average audience has also been considered, the action is quite a lot, the rhythm is not delayed, and the standard mentioned before is not wrong, and you should not be disappointed when you look at the big movie. And even if I think the film is general, you make me pick a thorn, I can’t pick anything. “Raytheon 2” is indeed a popcorn masterpiece, but it didn’t make me feel particularly deep. 

The sister who I watched together said that the Raytheon series is four words, simple and rude. I thought about what she said is quite right. I also know why I don’t particularly like “Raytheon 2”. 
“Raytheon 2” is good enough to satisfy the look and feel and fan psychology. Therefore, it gave up as a The comic book heroes are adapted from popcorn, and more importantly, as something that a movie should have. 

I may say that there may be some pretense, but I think that the production of “Raytheon 2” can only be described as “simple and rude”, using the simplest and most unprepared way to promote the development of the story, streamlining the film to only explode The part of the rice flower, what kind of psychological portrayal, the transition of the plot, etc. can be thrown away and discarded. After reading and forgetting, I can’t leave any impression. 

I am not asking for the depth and meaning of “Raytheon 2”. What is the demand for a commercial film?
I just think that even as a commercial film, don’t be purely killing or selling rot. I think that “Raytheon 2” is almost the same as “Special Forces”, although I don’t like this year’s “Wolverine”. 2″, but I have at least seen “Wolverine 2” has been carefully shaping the characters, to pave the background. The film of Marvel now is like a mold, full of craftsmanship. This year’s Disney Marvel’s two films, “Iron Man 3” and “Raytheon 2”, these two films are almost indistinguishable to me, can not see the director’s personal style, it is like a person to shoot. I think this is probably the inevitable result of the mature production system of Marvel. In these movies, the director should have no great initiative. 

In fact, it can be understood. After all, the film company is a businessman, making money first, and making comic movies so satisfying the needs of different people. After all, you can’t expect every director to shoot a movie like Batman like Nolan. This way of making it is the best choice in business and the least risk. 

Just as a fan, I still hope that the North American film market in the future will see that Marvel is different, and more sincere works appear, rather than being flooded by such “movie line products.” 

Responding to some downstairs responses, emphasizing two points 

1 I specifically emphasized that there is no requirement for Raytheon to have depth, in order to prevent those who do not move. What depth do you want in a commercial film, roll home and watch your literary film, and force it.” This silly X of brain-dead speech comes in. Is there nothing else in the movie except for the effects and depth? Emotional rendering, psychological portrayal, and excessive plots are all related to the so-called “depth.” X-Men, Spider-Man series, and even Iron Man, did not see the depth of Raytheon 2, as much as the content of Raytheon 2. It’s really 

hard to force people to force them. 2 I just said that Wolverine 2 “has the intention to shape the characters and go to the background.” It doesn’t mean that it is better than Raytheon 2, I said that Feng’s eyes are smaller than Qin’s eyes. Looks good, does it mean that Feng Sister is better than Qin Haiyan? 

The heroic family’s chai-oil salt is harder than the odds of love.

After reading “Superman Story 2”, when I was a mom, I laughed. You see, bringing a baby is not only the trouble of me and other mortals, but even Superman feels difficult. There is a saying in Chinese that “every family has a difficult experience.” In fact, it is also the same in American animation. Superman’s family also has this difficult experience.

Can super power solve all problems? As the title of “Incredibles” brings the slapstick meaning, Pixar turned to the mortal perspective to see Superman, and saw the interest of reversal. If the first “Superman mobilization” is talking about “anti-hero” – Mr. Super Energy’s middle-aged crisis, then this part seems to me to expand the crisis and dismantle a family (Men Superman Superman Child Superman) The difficulties faced. They said that they are small, but the mediocrity of the rice and oil salt; to the big, it is the “difficult scripture.”

Let’s take a look at what problems the Super Family has encountered:

1. Superman is useless, and both husband and wife are unemployed.

2. Do you want to go out to work? Who works? Who brings the baby? What does the work do?

3, the biggest daughter, into adolescence, rebellious, refused to communicate, have their own secrets.

4, the second child, eight or nine years old, the most mischievous and ridiculous.

5, the youngest child, eat and drink Lazar, the most difficult to bring before the age of one.

6. What else? The world is in a mess, no one is coming to save.

Don’t care about the last point, the first thing is a headache. People say that “the poor couples are sorrowful,” even if the feelings are superb, the days of being forced to lose their jobs after overnight are not good. The two were told that the Superman project had stopped, and they also lost their financial resources while appeasing the children to live in the motel to save money and to worry about the future.

I remember that in the first episode, the elastic female Superman and Mr. Super Energy said this when they got married. “In the future, no matter what happens, we have to spend it together.” Mr. Supern said, “We are superhuman, what can happen? child?”

Yes, how big can it be? Two people are married, better than one person. There is always someone to help, and it’s not going to be on the streets? Not to mention the super powers, even the enemies of the world are not afraid, but also afraid of the enemy of life? Telling the truth, mortals often have such feelings, the enemies at work are not terrible, the terrible is precisely the hidden “enemies” in life.